Udo von Gelden

The self-taught visual artist embraced his vocation at a tender age. Udo von Gelden discovered his love of painting and music as a child, a passion that has remained integral to his life ever since. His pictures incessantly reflect his inner and infinitely faceted nature, producing images of startling validity that still leave space for the observer’s personal interpretation.


He draws his inspiration from the world of music, collecting influences on his frequent travels through many and varied countries to develop his own remarkable, self-taught painting technique. Stylistically confident, he mirrors the zeitgeist without defining a direct and particular subject.


The aesthetic simplicity and clear lines in von Gelden’s works are utterly convincing. He moulds key features such as colour, light and contour to present a delightfully creative new perspective.


Although figurative compositions often feature at the heart of his pictures, they nevertheless adopt an abstract posture and even drift toward a dissolution of the material. An avid student of numerous painting techniques in both acrylic and oil, he masterfully creates richly contrasted compositions in colour.